Tuesday, May 15, 2012

and our baby turns SIX!

There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful that Mike and I took that leap of faith and decided on baby number three.  Finn delivers bursts of joy every single day and even more humor.  He is cuddly and cute and all boy, hates to cry but will share endless details of his most recent injury, and still carries Whoa Whoa around in his more quiet moments.  He's into any sport that you want to play, would rather be engaged in an activity over television when he can, but loves a good Sponge Bob episode, too.

Finn asks "Do you think..." and "Why does..." questions all day long.  Last Friday, he had a half day and we ran birthday party related errands all afternoon.  He asked me questions from 12:30 to 4:15, when his kid-party began.  I called Mike at one point to say that I really didn't think I could take much more.  Here's a sample:

"Do you think a spaceship made that mark in the sky?"

"Can people go inside that water tower?"

"Why don't birds get electrocuted when they site on electrical wires?"

"Do you know why I think the black angry bird is the coolest?"

"Isn't Squidward funny when he does that?"

"Do you know why this t-shirt has an "A" on it?"

"Why can't we kneel in the communion the whole time?"

"Do you want to go check on your flowers at the end of the porch?"

And my favorite, "How does this work?"

Finn is more interested in the garden and landscape that his sisters.  He weeded the whole vegetable patch on Sunday with Mike and then helped me plant all the veggies.  When I say that he 'helped', I actually mean it.  His work ethic comes directly from his Daddy - they will both help until they can't help anymore.  They are the two best men I know.

Finn is a great reader and now reads to us at night almost 100% of the time.  He's figured out that reading anything is possible, and he proved it last week with Dr. Seuss' Fox in Sox.  I can barely get through that book, but he did it perfectly!  He is math-minded though and requests or makes up his own math questions throughout each day for fun.

"Mom, do you know what 200 + 300 is? Do you know what 12 - 6 is?  Do you know what 8 +7 is?"

He loves to cook and expands his tight line-up of favorite foods daily.  He will always say "I'm sorry" when it counts, even if it's hours after his offense.  And he says "thank you" when it counts, too.  I just love him for that.  And at night, even if he's toasty and warm inside his covers, he'll pop out once more to jump into my arms for another goodnight hug.  For now, holding him is a breeze, but I can't imagine how soon he'll grow too big for me to handle a legs-around-the-waist squeeze.  So I won't imagine it.

Instead, I'll wish my strong, sweet, smart, sensitive, loving, laid back, generous, funny boy a Happy 6th Birthday.  Finn, anything you want is possible.  Everything you wish for will come true.

May you always have a life of love, laughs, health and joy.

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happy birthday finn!

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Lindsay Kim said...

Every morning after I wake up I browse thru email. I stopped and read this post about Finn--it had me laughing to tears. The 'do you think' and 'why does' questions all day long got me laughing so hard, but the 'can people go inside that water tower?'...too much!! Joe came upstairs to see what the commotion was.

I feel like I know him thru your writing of this post! He sounds very charming and well spoken, like his mom.