Wednesday, May 16, 2012

young naperville singers

What a thrill it was to watch Logan in her sixth concert with the Young Naperville Singers last weekend. She just completed her 3rd year with this group, as part of the Cantabile Singers of Young Fox Valley and the experience has been top-notch all the way through.

At one of our annual parent meetings, YNS artistic director, Angie Johnson, mentioned that she believes singing keeps kids' hearts soft.  In a world full of heart-hardening competition, I believe she's right.  Of course I'm anxious and excited for Logan's concerts, hoping she'll have a great performance, but it's such a different experience than other activities our kids participate in.  Just watching them up on stage, you can see how it changes kids for the good and builds them up inside for the future. 

Taking Logan to that vocal audition in 1st grade, I felt scared for her and wondered how she'd do, without me in the room to hear her and cheer her on.  But she did just fine!  Three years later, my daughter fearlessly performs, smiling and relaxed, striving for a solo or a chance to stand out.  Along with piano lessons, she has taken her talents further on her own, writing lyrics and composing her own music.  As a non-musical music lover, I could have never helped her develop these interests.  I am so grateful that YNS and YFVS has given her the opportunity to bloom in this way.

The bottom line is, this is not your typical choral group experience.  The exposure to different cultures and musical styles is endless and the performances are breath-taking. If you have a child that loves to sing, consider this amazingly talented group that focuses promoting the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music, through extraordinary educational and performance experiences that enrich the lives of young people.

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