Thursday, May 14, 2009

on the verge

As the terrible two’s announce last call in our home - forever (Finn turns 3 tomorrow) - I find it true-to-form that our resident curmudgeon got some zingers in at the bell. Just yesterday, Finn managed the following:

...Refused any clothes that are not made of stretchy cotton, they are just not comfortable after all. Will now only wear clothes with his “arms out” i.e. short sleeves.

...Opened the sliding back door, dropped trou and peed right out onto the deck (and the new welcome mat just placed there.)

...Pushed a stool to the counter and placed a silicone potholder in the toaster over. Then he turned it on.

...Asked me, “Is Jesse acting like a lunatic right now, Mommy?” Seriously, lunatic?

...Climbed in my bathtub while I watched from the shower, dropped trou and peed. Then he cleaned it up with my bath towel and proudly announced his successful urination and clean up.

...Pushed a stool to the counter, climbed up and ransacked the one set of upper cabinets where I keep everything dangerous: hard alcohol, medicine, tools, etc. I found him trying to light a votive with a lighter he found.

...Had a long talk with his father about the merits of nail polish and how much he wants to wear it.

...At bedtime, Finn howled until he got his way and I put him to bed despite a laundry list of a hundred things to do before we excitedly welcome Granddad and Grandmom today. Finally succumbing to the fatigue and enjoying a few moments of bedtime peace with Finn, I started asking him about his day. He said, “Just be quiet Mommy. I want you to lay with me, not talk.”

I’m slightly concerned about his plans for today, but expect big changes at 11:01 tomorrow morning. Do you think I’m setting myself up for disappointment?

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mary said...

Happy Birthday to Finn!!!!

Finn is the most interesting, intelligent, sweet and challenging little three year old I know. Filled with life and fun and an enormous sense of the world revolving around him.

As on the day he was born, he continues to amaze and inspire and amuse.

I love you Finn - way past the sky, the moon, the stars and the planets!