Friday, February 20, 2009

The Squirt Strikes Back

As a mom, I’m sad to say that I have many weak moments. Most occur between the hours of 4 and 6 PM or when pants have been potty-ed or pooped in. The latter got me by the throat yesterday with Finn and a so-human moment of exasperation left me uttering words I was not so proud of. What I strive to do when he has an accident is manage that perfect non-emotional response. What I ended up doing was wasting my frustration and disappointment on a little person that couldn’t care less at this point in his life. At the end of my rant, he struck back in a darn creative way for a two year old. With all the conviction in the world, he said, “And Mommy, you have green zoogers hanging out of your nose!”

Well, it worked; his silly words stopped my skyrocketing blood pressure and made me laugh out loud. Of course I had to go check my schnoz, which was clear of any offensive perpetrators. I guess it was Finn’s way of saying, “Chill out already.”

He needs me all day and all night and I have no doubt that this child loves me, but as I put him to bed last night with his latest accident a distant memory, I have to wonder if he needed to shoot me with one more zinger just to let me know he’s on to me. As I left his room I said, “Guess what? I love you!”

His sweet face turned to me and once again full of conviction he answered, “Guess what? I love Uncle Dan.”

Sweet justice.