Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Finn!

I can’t believe that two whole years have gone by since our third baby entered this world. Unexpected until two weeks later, Finn, in his breech position, was the one and only to start labor and land us in the hospital earlier than our scheduled C-section. I woke at 4:30 feeling uncomfortable and when Mike got out of the shower later, I asked him to stick around. My contractions were (what’s a contraction?) five minutes apart and consistent from the start, so we called the doctor. By seven, my mom was over and we were on our way.

The doctors said that a bag of IV fluids would definitely stop things, but I had my doubts. Those doubts proved to be correct as the steady five minute reminder of the change to come carried on. By ten, we all agreed - today would be the day. We let all the important parties in on the next hour’s happenings and even got to talk to Logan who was at preschool. I loved that conversation and could feel her beaming through the phone lines.

As far as C-sections go, this was not my favorite. Laboring for nearly 24 hours with both the girls seemed to be just what my body and mind needed to make the transition to surgery and then birth. I did not like walking into the OR and being dead numb from the chest down in seconds. I did not like how cold it was. I felt very scared for the first time and this was my third time! I sensed that the good folks in the OR knew it, because the anesthesiologist kept asking me the same silly questions over and over. Thankfully a kind nurse called him on it and we all calmed down a bit. Then Mike walked in and it all finally started, much to my relief.

At the last moment before Finn’s arrival I looked at Mike and whispered, “I think it’s a girl.” He smiled and said, “I think it’s a boy.” A second later, at 11:01 am, Finn proved him right. The men are siding together already!

Our little blonde man was so boyish and strong looking, so totally different from our girls immediately. He was beautiful and in an instant made me know I was a boy’s mom as much as a girl’s. He was bigger than the girls, at 8 lbs. 3 ozs. and he fit perfectly into our hearts, our arms and our lives. Our world was as thrilled with his arrival as we were.
And at two years old, he proves his uniqueness on a daily basis, doing things I wouldn’t have imagined. Eating light bulbs, drinking muddy water, experimenting with the toilet and disassembling anything that can be taken apart, are all part of his repertoire. He is demanding and assertive and above all wants what he wants when he wants it. He takes charge of any situation.

More importantly, he is loving and cuddly to extremes. He has the best and biggest puckering set of lips you have ever seen and gives hugs like there’s a shortage. He is enamored with his sisters, exudes excitement when his daddy comes home and thankfully, as hard as it is sometimes, still has an aching attachment to me.
He thunders around as master of this domain, hugging the dog and then popping her on the head with a Nerf bat, steps into her water and then makes designs on the floor. Before I can clean it up, he is running through the living room with a bottle from the wine rack and then dumps a potted plant while I am putting the wine away. He is on the verge of talking in full sentences, putting three and four words together, so proud of making himself understood. He wears jewelry and Libby Lu arm warmers on his legs and beyond everything, loves his “Woa woa” bear.
He makes life exhausting, but definitely exciting and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I figure if you’re getting out of the baby making business, this is the way to go out. A little guy like our Finn keeps us on our toes, and more importantly, YOUNG.

Happy birthday baby boy. I can’t bear to imagine our lives without your sparkling royal blue eyes, your blonde curls, your beautiful smile and your full body contact hugs. Thank you so much for coming two whole years ago, you made our family perfectly complete. I love you forever!


n8 said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday. Tiffany

mary said...

God blessed us all with the birth of Finn - no doubt about that.

You said it so beautifully - Finn does "fit perfectly into our hearts, our arms and our lives."

A certain cutie made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails... and enough love to fill outer space. I am completely taken with him and being his Grammy.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Finn! I wish I could be there to see you spin and tumble around the house buddy. Love you!