Friday, May 11, 2012

why pinterest rocks

I wouldn't call myself an early-adopter.  It takes me awhile to ramp up an interest in something new in the virtual world.  I waited a long time before venturing onto Facebook and just started Tweeting last week.  (Follow me @MollyLoganAnder.)  But Pinterest, for me, is another story.

I've been wondering what it is about this seemingly pointless online bulletin board that continues to hold my attention week after week.  I look for pockets of time to spend searching through not only my Pinterest friend's boards, but also through the "Everything" category, where I can peruse thousands of endlessly generating pins from folks throughout the world.  I could easily spend forever on this site.  Here's why I love it:

It's so pretty
It feels as if the most hip and stylish peeps in Internet Land combed tirelessly through the net and came up with this perfectly categorized collection of PICTURES of the best of everything on the planet and then called it Pinterest.  From home improvement solutions, to fashion finds, to travel inspiration, to garden ideas to, MY FAVORITE: recipes; Pinterest has it all sorted out, depicted and labeled for our searching pleasure.  One word, like "chandelier", results in a veritable banquet for the eyes and endless suggestions for whatever it is you're looking, without the stuff you don't want to see. 

It's like shopping
For someone who writes a column about frugality each week, limiting shopping is key.  However, I like to shop as much as the next girl.  I've found that a good twenty minutes on Pinterest leaves me feeling like I've actually spent some cash.  And the money-saving ideas and organization suggestions offered, help save time and money, too.

It's usable
I've implemented or tried so many Pinterest-found ideas, I can't even count them.  It's my go-to source for new recipes now, more than any other site.  The images make the decision for me and so far, most recipes have been delish, with some even being adopted as family-favorites.  I've got a stockpile of garden projects in the works, like this cucumber trellis and a plan to make our builder-grade bathroom better with some simple woodwork

It's inspiring
The best part about Pinterest is that it gets my creative juices flowing.  In terms of interior decor, design, fashion and food, I absolutely love the style-provoking ideas from pinners that I follow.  They don't inspire me to copy, just get me thinking about my own style and how to create a home tailor-made and designed by me.  And the quotes, well, I'm a sucker for a good quote any day of the week.  Love them.  My boards feel like the ultimate vision collage - don't you remember making those works of art a million years ago?

But the jury is still out on...
Businesses.  For now, it's an instant turn off to see a price tag on the corner of a pin.  I've read about how brands big and small are getting on the Pinterest bandwagon and I just don't get it.  The last thing I'd put on my bulletin board is an ad from the Gap (even though I'm a big fan!)  My Pinterest boards are for ideas, styles and design, of any type, from non-retail pinners, that speak to me.  I look back through them as a reminder of what makes me happy and to inspire me to make all walks of my life more authentically me.  So, for regular old folks like you and me, I get sharing who you are through your pins.  But for big brands with sales on the brain, the jury is still out. 

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Lindsay Kim said...

Oh Pinterest, how I love you and loathe you simultaneously. I'm always shocked when a casual check in turns to hours sucked from my day. It's a great source for stockpiling images I want to use on my blog. I've even found my stats went up a bit when I put my web address on my home page.