Thursday, May 31, 2012

this is real baseball guys!

Finn's first baseball game was such a surprise; with good plays, solid efforts by all and decent hits!  Our little man ended the night with two singles, an RBI and one run!  The game even came complete with our first-ever baseball freak-parent on the other team.  This opposing coach challenged our coaches on several plays, constantly going back and forth on his own implementation of MBA rules and enlisting a harsh learning curve whenever possible.  He ranted loudly to the parents and coaches on his own team when he had a grievance, not hiding his frustration at all.  It was kind of shocking, I mean, they're SIX!

As we watched from the sidelines, Mike said, "Now I think I see how little league fights happen, because I'm not even coaching and this guys is making me mad!"

Another fan, close to her due date, said, "This guy better be careful, or he'll have a crazy pregnant woman on his hands!"

Even with all that, the game was great fun, their skills so improved from last year and our New York Yankees took some serious pride in their first win:  12 - 9 over the Arizona Diamond Backs!  Here's the highlight role... could that uniform be any cuter?  I can't even stand it.

The best part was when Finn crossed home plate after working his way around the bases, one at a time, thanks to his teammates' hits.  Look at his face beaming with pride below!  Once he crossed, he threw his arms in the air and said, "Home Run!" and then high-fived us. 

What a great night. We laughed with friends, encouraged our kiddos on with the other parents and listened to the girls cheer for their brothers from behind the dugout.  Later, I came home to a note on Facebook from a friend who was still at her son's game at 11 PM (in the freezing prairie winds) so I know it won't always be short and sweet like this.  We're soaking up every minute while we can.  Congrats to Finn on a great start to the season!

 Finn just after crossing home plate

Can't wait for the next one!