Thursday, May 10, 2012

i wish i didn't hate may

I shouldn't hate May, I mean, May marks Finn's arrival into our lives, but I growl inside every time another May appointment - game - concert - event - anything must be put into the schedule.  My calendar software chuckles at me (literally, with reminders beeping about something new every 15 minutes) as I try to find spots for necessities, as if it holds the secret to making it all fit, but refuses to share it.  I feel like the frog in that archaic video game, Frogger, do you remember it?

I begin the day at 5 AM, staring at a full lineup of overlapping meetings and responsibilities and I hop here and there, backtracking and side-winding, just trying to get where I need be (asleep) at 10 PM.  I'm not dodging cars and trucks, I'm dodging teacher requests, celebrations of any type and new season start-up meetings.  And I don't get three lives like Frogger.  I only get one.

It's honestly laughable to imagine Mother's Day plopped in the middle of this mix - what a joke!  Although I fully intend to enjoy a full day of garden-dirty hands, and get my floral and vegetable fix, I can't imagine where the time or energy (or money) will come from.  If I write one more check for an end of year t-shirt, appreciation item or unexpected activity expense, I think I might just throw in the towel.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - MAY IS WORSE THAN DECEMBER!

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