Sunday, May 15, 2011

finn turns 5!

It is truly amazing to me that my youngest child is five years old. Five seems like such a solid, round, old number to me, putting our little man in a new category entirely. He rarely needs me for things like shoe-tying, prefers I have no input at all regarding his attire (this is scary if you know his father) and would already, mostly, run off to play with "the guys" instead of curl up with me.
But I know that's really not true. He's big on hugs and cuddles, too. He loves to tell you about his latest "larious" stories or personal accomplishments, he's achieved a new level of awareness and appreciation for us cheering him on from the sidelines of anything. Yesterday he scored a goal in his soccer game and we witnessed his realization of what it feels like to have his posse behind him; the crowd erupted - his crowd erupted - and he liked it!
Finn is smart and strong, reading like a champ and up for pretty much any challenge. He stresses a bit before any athletic event, worried about doing well and winning. Mike says he was exactly the same as a kid. Then he gets out there and shows some serious athleticism. (Another "just like Daddy" thing.) He insists on reading a book to us each night and so proud of moving on to the next, more challenging read. He loves his school and pals and is all boy - from his mannerisms to his commentary. He makes me laugh every single day.
At night, when we put him to bed, he still searches out "Whoa Whoa" his lifelong polar bear pal. Whoa Whoa no longer sits up, has barely any stuffing inside and has multiple worn hairless patches along his backside from an experiment with those ridiculous Nexcare tattoo band aids. But that ramshackle little bear, that Finn chose from a veritable banquet of stuffed animals in his first room, is loved like no body's business. Finn says he talks to him, but no one else can hear. I'm sure he does. They have a serious bond when bedtime hits and I hope it never ends.
So as my youngest baby turns five at 11:01 this morning, I remember the pure joy and excitement when I learned that I was blessed with a son, in addition our two glorious girls. I am so grateful to have this tough little mini man to learn from, love and lead for a long, long time.
Happy, happy birthday Finn. I wish you a long, healthy lifetime of abundance, peace, love and joy.
(Thanks to Karen Loffing Photographs for these great shots of Finn!)

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