Sunday, December 12, 2010

and the angels sang.....

Sunday, December 12th marked Logan's 3rd official concert with the Young Fox Valley Singers. It was an amazing show. The kids are so talented and the vocal teachers second-to-none. As a special treat, world renouned soloist Tamara Wilson, who spent her own vocal formative years with the group, returned to perform alongside the children. She moved me to tears with her rendition of "O Holy Night." This was such a treat for the audience, but more for the kids, who had the opportunity to rehearse and perform with her, ask her questions and imagine their own vocal futures through her successes.

We were so proud of Logan who learned that the show must go on when the day's blizzard ripped her headband, made for "The March of the Wooden Soldiers", from her hands never to be seen again. Her disappointment was palpable and I thought her initial frustration might prevent her from having a good time, but it didn't. When I picked her up in the warm up room after the show she said, "I have the best choir. They told me I was as cute as a doll without my headband!" And, of course, she was.

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Grammy said...

...and "our Logan angel" sang too... and touched all of our hearts with her sweetness.

Watching and listening to her is always such a special time for for me. I remember pre school performances and her shyness. She now has confidence and style and is nothing short of amazing.

Logan is special in so many ways, singing is right there on top of the list.

The headband loss was a lesson that the "show must go on"... she quickly learned that and the show went on to huge applause!!!

Good for her and lucky us!