Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Voices of Angels

We spent Sunday afternoon in the front row of the new Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College listening to the most beautiful children's' voices I've ever heard. Logan is a member of the Young Fox Valley Singers, which operates in conjunction with the Young Naperville Singers. The kids benefit from all the wonder of musical exposure, the incredible skills of their classically trained instructors and have loads of fun, too.

I spent the last three songs in tears. Even when I couldn't clearly make out the words, I was completely moved by the emotion tied to the soul-touching sound. I've always wondered if an opera would affect me that way. I've still never seen one, but I'm sure I would love it after experiencing this concert.

The director of the organization believes singing keeps kids' hearts soft. She wonders at what age or point in life we lose the exuberance to stand up and sing our hearts out like the children in her company. It's a shame it ever happens since music and singing take so many of us to another place, another reality, a spiritual high. As a parent, this extra-curricular activity feels so right. I don't worry that Logan is doing something too taxing or too old for her. I just feel that she is doing something wonderful and child-like that is most certainly filling her up inside. It is obviously keeping her heart soft.

Congratulations (and gratitude) for Logan on an amazing performance!!

Celebrating an AWESOME day with a HUGE strawberry shortcake at Ted's Montana Grill!!

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mary said...

A wonderful afternoon at Logan's concert. Voices were truly angelic - little ones so sweet to listen to and watch. We enjoyed every minute! Congratulations to Logan for a steller performance!