Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dream Halloween

What a great Halloween! After a whirlwind morning of driving here, there and everywhere for this and that parade and a million little errands, we met up with neighbors and ventured out to trick or treat for the first time in our new ‘hood. It seemed that every little person we met along the way joined our clan until we took up half a block! It was sunny and chilly, but we couldn’t complain. I swear, it was like the Halloween of my dreams, with more kids and costumes and decorations than you can imagine! The kids had so much fun – it was like being in the presence of joy for three straight hours.

A new neighbor who doesn’t even have kids got in on the action and generously put up a giant Halloween-themed jumpy thing in their yard (they own the company, got to make a note of that!) All the trick or treators got to hop in and jump to their hearts’ content. It was nothing short of an awesome day for the single digits around here.

We ended the night with a spooky dinner by candlelight. We had goblin brain casserole (chicken and noodles), Frankenstein’s eyeballs (brussel sprouts), monster mush (applesauce) and vampire cocktail (berry juice). It was a completely fulfilling memory – how about that!?!

Hope you enjoy the collage of our cool cowgirl, beautiful fairy and curious monkey. The monkey protested a bit at the onset, but came around as soon as he figured he could suck M&M juice through the wrapper. Actually he hung out in the stroller for the duration, which was a blessing indeed.

Happy Halloween 2007!

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