Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The House of I Love You's

Almost every night after my kids go to bed, I begin the ritual of cleaning up the place. Sure, I have basically cleaned all day, but now is the time for getting the last of the clutter into its chosen resting place and doing the most guilt-ridden deed: tossing some of the day’s or week’s artwork.

I have always hated this job which can be understood by my possesion of two enormous plastic bins full of every piece of art ever accomplished. The bins are currently sitting in our office as a constant reminder to me that I must go through them and purge. Weekly, Mike asks if he can take them down to the basement and I say, “No” for fear that I will never do what needs to be done.

And now, things have gotten worse. Logan is writing like crazy, in her tiny little adorable print. My countless pictures of rainbows and flowers have morphed into “I love you’s” (always with a backwards “y”) and they are everywhere. I am having a terrible time throwing any of them away and I am just not sure how to go about it. We’ve all been caught in the act recycling some random coloring book page that we were sure didn’t matter, but when does an “I love you” not matter? Each one of them is so endearing and sweet and full of, well, love, that I think, for now, my pile will grow. There will undoubtedly come a time when I am begging for those sweet words to come from her lips, so while they're pouring out of her fingertips….. I just may collect them all!

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