Sunday, November 25, 2007


Ahhhh, the holiday season has begun! I’m happy to report that my shopping is 99% done – I think that I am getting better at this every year. I love to get out and enjoy the hustle and bustle and festivity of the stores just before the holidays, as long as my lot has already been purchased. Happily, I only need some toy dinosaurs, snow cone syrup and something for my father-in-law, my biggest annual challenge. It will happen though, with the perfect investigative work of my wonderful mother-in-law, Mary. I can’t wait to get her suggestions so that I can complete the task at hand.

In a nutshell, we had a great Thanksgiving. The girls and Finn were dressed up in adorable outfits and so excited to have the family over for a party. I know that it’s a little hard for them at times, unfortunately, they don’t have any cousins yet and I know they wish they did. (This is certainly not a problem that I have the solution for though!) As I looked around the table of adults that were present and enjoying themselves, I felt a touch of sadness. Maybe this is the case for every family at times, but as I thought about each one of them, I realized that every one of us is dealing with a problem that is bigger than the everyday ones we all face; some long term in their nature, some scary, some with great health concerns, some facing the holidays with loneliness, and some going back to a place they thought they left behind long ago.

I felt bad. I thought about giving a toast alluding to what I was thinking about, but then changed my mind – my thoughts just weren’t well – thought out. And the last thing I wanted to do was let my kids know that there was anything sad about their day. Rather quickly, my thoughts transformed themselves to a better place and here’s where that place is: gratitude.

I am sad that we are all going through so much. It does not seem fair. But this is what being an adult is all about and all of these unique and wonderful people are surviving and persevering and making the best of it. I think the good time they appeared to be having was the real deal. I know that it was for me. I currently have some health issues that I am dealing with and I was tired from all the preparations, but I was enjoying myself and so thrilled to be hosting everyone in our new home. We all have our challenges, that is for sure. But it seems that we are up to them. We are grateful for the family that we have that came together as one amidst a whole lot of troubles. We found relief and humor and love in each other’s presence and there are not many things better than that.

So this year, I am thankful for my family – the immediate one for sure – but the extended one too. Whatever form or shape we may be in, whatever challenge we face, I am thankful to be in this life with all of them, whatever comes our way. Anyway, I just know there are better days ahead for one and all.

And by the way, the food was great, if I do say so myself!

Happy Holidays!

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patch said...

mol-so needed those thoughts of gratitude....xxoo