Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On Second Thought...

I feel that my children have seriously doubted my words and my abilities lately. I mean, what’s the deal? I don’t lead them into life’s situations unprepared, things always get done in time and we’ve only been late to school once this year. (For anyone who read Silver Lining, you know why!) Apparently though, that’s not good enough for them and I have been given the Spanish Inquisition about all sorts of matters this week.

Riley is obsessed with Santa Claus and has asked more questions in the last week than I could have imagined. I don’t think that anyone has said anything though-provoking about the jolly old man to her; I just think she thinks about things differently than her siblings. I’ve been asked, “How does he get down the chimney?” “Are you sure he’s going to fit?” “What if people don’t have a chimney?” and finally, “How does he really know what we want?” Quite frankly, I am worn out on the topic and feel that my answers are showing some serious wear and tear. I wish her three year-old curiosity would be squashed already. I need a break!

Meanwhile Logan is questioning everything I do when we go out. “Do I really need this coat?” “Are you sure that I am supposed to bring this tote bag to Daisies?” “What I mean Mommy, is did they actually tell you to have me bring my tote bag?” “Did you remember to sign and return my report card in my folder?” I can’t get a breather around here! As I laughed at her questions on the way to Daisies today, I realized that maybe I am the one teaching them to be so inquisitive.

There is no doubt that I thought the same way about Santa. If there is another way to look at something, I will undoubtedly think of it to confuse myself, if for no other reason. And as far as doing what I am supposed to do and being prepared, I am always striving for and wondering if I am on target. I am also sure that I am too obviously frustrated at times when I’m not hitting my mark. I guess it’s what they see in me and not what I try to teach them that they are learning from.

Time for a change. No more second-guessing, out loud. Calm responses only for things like being late for school. No doubting the reality of things unless they are absurd. There is nothing like being a kid and no need for any stress in their lives that doesn’t need to be there.

I have to admit though, it’s all pretty cute. Just the fact that Logan is at a point that she actually worried as to whether or not her mom would set her up to look silly was pretty cute. Yep, they’re getting older, but young enough that hopefully, a change in my tune will result in a change in theirs.

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