Friday, November 2, 2007

The Aftermath

I was upstairs getting dressed this morning and laughing out loud about yesterday’s post. (Dream Halloween – what a joke!) I don’t even know how I willed that out of my fingers based on the “day after” that I was having. Man did I pay the price.

It should have been a good day, we had our fence installed. As the wife of a perpetual and talented do-it-yourselfer, there is just a wondrous feeling that comes over me when we occasionally have the opportunity to pay someone else to do a big project around our house. Even though the money is going out the window, I feel the direct correlation between the time the other people are spending on the project and the time that Mike won’t have to spend. Anyway, the fence is a good thing.

The kids were so tired. We had to get up and follow the school routine which makes me wish for future weekend Halloween’s only. Finn and Riley did great while Logan was at school, but when we picked her up, all hell broke loose.

Logan got in the car saying, no whining, “I’m too hungry!” over and over. She refused to buckle into her car seat because I didn’t bring her a snack. I finally got her in and she pouted loudly all the way home. The two girls tested the waters the rest of the day by saying “no” right to my face, continually picking up their screeching brother by the neck and bickering with each other as much as possible. They’d come up for water, or should I say – candy – every once in awhile and because I was nursing my own Halloween “hangover”, I’d usually say yes. I want that candy out of the house as soon as possible!

Poor Mike came in at 6 PM to find me doing whatever I could to hold it together, and I did, but I was spent. I literally felt abused by these overtired, ghoulish little sugar monsters who had beat me up all day. I should have just let it all go, but true to form, I tried to reason with my little beasts and all it got me was asleep on the couch by 8:45 PM. And did I mention that they all have colds? Oh well, I guess it’s only once a year, so it’s worth it. Or wait, maybe it’s twice…. The holidays are right around the corner!

Once again, Happy Halloween 2007 – ugh!

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