Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shoestring living: tips on giving kids allowance

This week's Shoestring Living focuses on how to effectively implement an allowance system with young kids this summer and beyond.  I struggle and have failed with this every summer so far, but not this year!  Read about my plan in one of the papers running it, the MexicoLedger.

And, if you're so inclined, take a peek at the associated video running on the Star Courier.

I'm so excited about this new system and can't wait to put it to work for us on Monday, June 11th.  I figured we needed a few free days before starting our engines.

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Pam at MoneyTrail said...

It takes some trial and error to find the best system for your family. I tried a lot of different things with my four kids. My husband and I created an online allowance app to keep track of allowance, money and IOUs for families. You can find it a www.moneytrail.net. It is free and can be customized to work with different allowance systems.