Friday, June 15, 2012

just a little boy

As parents, we need this.  Especially at a time when Finn's games become more competitive with each swing of the bat, and I can see his heart break for a moment if he strikes out or misses a play.  Baseball, swimming, gymnastics, whatever - this is the time to build them up.  "This is a moment a man you can make."  Love it!

At Monday night's game, a little dude on our team rounded second base and was heading toward third.  The ball had escaped the outfielders and a single turned into a big hit.  As he came toward third and the third base coach (also his Daddy) he sweetly asked, "Should I go home Daddy?" 

That's exactly how young these little guys are.  It amazes me that we've seen over-the-top parents at almost every game!

Source:  Facebook, I was unable to locate the origination point. 

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