Friday, September 19, 2008

today in Finn's life...

Finn wakes up at 6 am in lieu of normal 7:30. He is starving and insists on immediate food. I give up my shower so he can eat.

Finn is very crabby, does not want to cooperate at all.

After preschool drop-off, Finn insists on getting in the shower with me. He won’t get out for forty minutes.

Finn chases a frog all over the back yard.

Finn spits chewed up raisins all over kitchen table.

Finn spills two soft drinks on floor and booth at Noodles and Company. One is not his drink. He eats entire bowl of penne pasta with one chopstick.

Finn refuses to nap. After an hour, I give up.

Finn is so tired that he is acting drunk. He gets injured over and over again.

Finn grabs Mike’s beard trimmer when I am not looking and removes large chunk of hair off his head.

Finn pumps a gallon of lotion during 30 second phone call and smears it all over bathroom cabinets and shower door.

Finn throws rock on kitchen floor, leaving several marks in the hardwood.

Finn stabs granite countertop with freshly sharpened pencil and finds the one place it will stick.

Finn continues to injure himself repeatedly.

Finn sits on counter eating apples from the fruit bowl.

Finn asks me to pick him up for the 1000th time today. Finn asks for a movie, but refuses to sit and watch it.

Finn has a crazy look in his eyes.

Every time I scold him, Finn asks “Why?” I make note that I must find one of those counter things so that I can click each time he says it and tally how many times a day I actually hear that word.

I beg Daddy to come home early and run out to do some work when he gets there. I drink Starbucks coffee while sitting in my car pirating WiFi from Panera’s parking lot. (Didn’t know Starbucks’ wasn’t available without money on a card and prior online registration – ugh!)

Mommy experiences a few minutes peace.


n8 said...

You poor woman. He has left you with simple sentences! Tiffany

mary said...

Tiffany's comment said it all.

It is I who is speechless though, knowing that from Thursday night until Sunday - it will be Finn and I while you, Mike and the girls are at the wedding in North Carolina.

Ah Oh...

Lael said...

Ha! I felt bad to laugh out loud, but I have been through this myself. It reminded me of the day we had the self haircut, the shoes painted with cream cheese, and the tweezers in the oulet. Ouch. I wish I could tell you it gets better...