Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lessons Learned

A little time away can be very educational. After three peaceful days with two wonderful friends, there are a few tidbits I’d like to hold onto until my next trip. (Which, if based on past experience, could be in 2011!)

If I leave for a few days, everything will still get done. For as much as I fretted about school and lunch and schedules and routines, there wasn’t even one snafu – everyone survived.

There shouldn’t be any guilt associated with “me time.” The pay off of this time away from my regular gig was so great; it was worth the tears and cries that I had to hear upon leaving. I am a better mom, more patient, more creative, and more relaxed than I’ve been in years, all because of three little days.

When in doubt – buy the smaller size. After hours of outlet mall shopping, I finally submitted to the constant battering of my good friends, who convinced me that I should not be wearing my clothes so big. It’s not that I like the baggy look; I just thought I was buying the right size. Apparently I have to travel a thousand miles to see myself in the mirror. (Or not have three kids with me in the dressing room!)

Travel without an agenda. I don’t think that I have ever had such a relaxed time. With eleven kids between us, Tiffany and Susan and I were looking for the same experience out of our trip and I’m certain we all found it. It was heavenly to do nothing but read, sleep, shop, watch movies and have uninterrupted meals and conversations. For three days, I felt like I could do whatever I wanted and that may be what’s left me the most refreshed of all.

Be prepared for re-entry. Now, I know better than to think it was going to be all daisies and rainbows when I arrived, but reality was still a harsh awakening. I’ve spent the last three days dealing with hand, foot and mouth disease, a continually busting-at-the-seams fall schedule and kids whose behavior might be considered “punishment” for me since I decided to travel. Not only that, but I had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic yesterday morning and ended up throwing up during bus stop time with Finn hanging over me yelling “Yucky Mommy!”, Riley screaming out the window to Logan and all the neighbors that I was puking my guts out and the man working on the drywall in our house wondering what the hell was going on. I received three emails from neighbors asking if I was pregnant. It was out of a sit-com for sure!

So lastly, I need to remember that you don’t get away Scott free. It all evens out in the end and I’d say I’ve gotten pay back for my brief respite. Even still, I’ll do it again and more importantly, plan a time to go somewhere with Mike soon. It was so needed, so appreciated and so good for me – we need that as a couple, too.

Thanks so much to Susan and Tiffany for helping me to feel like me again! I couldn’t have had a better time. Nor can I think of a better subject for my 100th post on this blog. Everyone needs to screw their head on straight every once in awhlile. I'm so greatful that I've got friends, family and a wonderful husband to help do the job.


mary said...

I loved your entry and here's to refreshing your spirit and relaxing your soul with laughter, conversation and "You Time". Fantastic!

To Molly, Tiffany and Susan
Having a connection with the fairy godmother of all mom’s, I can tell you that she has observed your generous hearts, enterprising spirits, extraordinary ability to give of yourselves, manage incredibly busy schedules and still have time to whip up a homemade dinner favorite, entertain friends and family, read an extra storybook - with expression and secure a tender hug around whoever needs it in the middle of the night. She grants you “guiltless permission” to place your "Women's Weekend" on the 2009 calendar and encourages you to find a way to make it an annual event.

Molly – definitely plan for that long weekend with Mike too. Life is so hectic and these years slip by in a wink – make a long weekend wish for each other and grant it.

I'm here to watch Logan, Riley and Finn (Harley too)... just let me know when.

n8 said...

Your post was perfect and so was our trip. Great memories with the best of friends. Here is to next year...weekend after Labor Day! Tiffany