Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finn's Girl

We took Finn (and the whole family) to a little girl’s birthday party on Sunday, a party that happened to be smack dab in the middle of nap time. His naps are wavering, but the hour of sleep he usually gets still does him a world of good. The birthday girl in question is the adorable daughter of Uncle Tom’s girlfriend, so we were going – nap or not!

It was a long, rainy weekend and his mood was already suffering a bit as we entered. It was alright though; we headed straight for the playroom and hid out there. Within twenty minutes though, “Bella” arrived, much to Finn’s chagrin. It was the funniest interaction I’ve seen in a long time – I guess one of the first I’ve seen of Finn as he really starts to play, or not, with other kids on his own.

Bella walked in and up to Finn like they were long lost pals. Six weeks his senior, she got right in his space and belted out a beaming “HI!” After a moment of shocked silence, he shyly turned to me and grumbled with a sweet smile, “Mommy, she’s talking to me!” We all laughed.

It only took a few attempts by Bella to continue the conversation and Finn, who was just fine doing his own boy things, began to grab both sides of his face and repeat, “Don’t talk to me! Stop!” She took this as her cue to really ramp things up and started hugging and kissing him and continually tapping him on the shoulder whenever he was in reach. His push back ensued, literally, but just like the little woman she appears to be, she would not take no for an answer.

I don’t think he even knew what to make of her – his little world is filled with big kids from end to end. I’m so excited to get the little man in school – tomorrow will finally be the day as his hand, foot and mouth outbreak is completely gone. He is over-the-top attached to me – more than ever – but I know we need to do this. It will be so good for him to socialize with other kids his age and start to make some little buddies.

Bella lost interest by mid-party, when she, intentionally or not, sat on my lap. Finn saw this and didn’t like it much at all and entered “I need a nap” behavior full throttle from that point on. She moved on to other things. Smart woman. Maybe he’ll be more interested next year!

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mary said...

It truly was one of the cutest, funniest "should have been caught on video" moments!

Bella is a sweetie but Finn's Girl (at 2) is mommy and Bella sitting on his special lady's lap was too much to bare (sleep needed or not). Sharing the toys, maybe - but his mommy - no way.

I'm hoping for a no tears first day of school for both Finn and his mom. It is one of those milestones...