Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Attachment Disorder

I think I’ll just mark September as Finn’s month. With all that’s been new an exciting in the girls’ lives, you’d think they’d have stolen the show. But no, this third kid refuses to get lost in the shuffle, leaving his mark on every moment of our existence.

Today was his second day of school. It started horribly, with an explosion of tears as soon as I crept into the parking lot. He was hysterical when they pulled him from the car and it was all I could do not to take him back. I am sure there are those who say I’m doing him wrong by sending him there once a week when he doesn’t want to go, but he’s so attached that I feel we need to get his mind on something else. I mean, the kid literally cries outside the bathroom door when I close it. This is a problem. I needed to stick with the school plan, and I did, guiltily.

I couldn’t have been happier when I arrived to find out that although he cried on and off all day, he had long periods of happiness and got so into playing at times that he even ditched his bear, “Whoa Whoa.” He was not crying when I arrived and seemed to be the happiest kid on Earth as he announced, “Mommy, me all done school!!!!”

Fast-forward to 2:30 when we left the house out of necessity, as I was about to lose my mind with this non-napping child. I took Finn and Riley to Claire’s to find a fancy bobby pin for Logan. (Logan and Riley will be flower girls this weekend for Mike’s cousin Laura in North Carolina.) We entered the store and I immediately enlisted the assistance of the sales girl in order to limit my time in this store full of trinkets ripe for destruction.

At one point, she glanced at Finn and said, “Oh, you look like you’ve been crying, have you been crying?” My jaw hits the floor when Mr. Social answers, “Yes, me cry at school.”

“Why?” the girl asked surprised at the conversation skills of my little man.

“Me cry school cuz me need my Mommy,” he answered.

We both laugh, but I realize that this attachment is deeper than I can imagine. The other day I said that Finn is more in love with me that Mike ever was and that I already married him so he’ll have to find his own woman. But I don’t think he has any intention of looking elsewhere these days. He’s all mine for now and most of the time, especially on days with naps, I’ll revel in it.

I promise a post on someone else next time!!

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