Monday, September 29, 2008

Flower Girls

There are days and then there are days. Or maybe I should say, “There are weekends…” As I write this aboard the 737 taking Mike, Logan, Riley and me home from our cousin Laura’s wedding, I am still reeling from a weekend chock full of proud parental moments and treasured memories.

Logan and Riley played their parts well; followed instructions and didn’t miss a beat. They stood at the altar through the whole service without major malfunction or even fidget and, thanks to a very kid-friendly minister, were even asked to sign the marriage certificate for the storybook couple, Laura and Paul. Everything I saw through my tear-filled eyes was perfect and I couldn’t be more proud. There’s certainly something rewarding when like 200 people make it a point to tell you how great your kids are. That doesn’t happen every day!

We ended the night at the reception, which was right out of the movies, dancing to an amazing five-singer Motown ensemble. They were incredible; I felt like was hearing all the classics in person. Man, could they hold some notes! The girls entered the dance floor at the second song and continued until the last, a rock-the-house version of Celebrate. They were beaming and twirling and on cloud nine. As I watched them and thought of how moved I felt during their ceremony entrance, I knew it was only a precursor for what is yet to come. I glanced at the bride and then her parents and had the slightest of clues about all the mixed up emotions of such a big day, but could feel the joy they all felt about the perfection of this most significant of life’s moments.

Riley just interrupted me to tell me, “Mom, I love you and (pause) right when it’s summer, we’re going to the pool, okay?” How lucky I am to have these two beautiful, amazing, unique, roll-with-it, sweet and different-from-each other daughters. How blessed I am to witness them making these memories to last a lifetime. How amazed I am to find out more and more who they are each day. And how glad I am that I don’t have to marry them off, just yet.

But when I do, we must have the flowers from last night. They were phenomenal!

All our love and wishes and gratitude to Laura and Paul!

(Photos to come once we fix a kid-induced camera malfunction.)

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