Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Her Way

What a busy week and weekend we've had - with the most noteable event being Logan's leap into 1st grade and full day school. Challenged only by the cold that just won't let go of her, she gladly went and loves it. She's not nearly as tired as I thought she'd be.... guess she was undeniably ready!

Two funny stories:

I have been leaving notes in Logan's lunch box every day. One day, while waiting for the bus to take her home, my note blew out of her box and was confiscated by the neighborhood third grade jokster, who promptly began making fun of Logan for my note. She told me that two older neighbor girls quickly got him to stop, and she crumpled the note up and put it in her bag. I asked her if she didn't want me to write them anymore and she said, "No, I do, but could you PLEASE tape them in my lunch box!" Nice to know that she still wants to hear from me and that she weathered the teasing just fine.

On Friday, I bought Logan a pair of shoes while she was at school and gave them to her when she got home. Her reaction was over-the-top, full of "I love you's" and "Thank you's". She finally added, "I love them so much. They are so cool and do you know why?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because everyone has them!" she exclaimed.

So just as Logan begins to care about brands and style and being like everyone else, I can rest assure that my dormant mom style is still in line with 1st graders on playgrounds everywhere.

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mary said...

Good for Logan - First grade! First lunch at school! First great full day!!! So glad Logan loves school and that she processed the teasing with confidence and landed on the good side of fashion.

Congratulations mom and dad, you did such a great job getting her ready to tackle the beginning of her school career with style and stamina.

By the way, love Logan's outfit choice. Saw a few grade school girls looking like they were playing high school dress up. As a grammy, love styles that reflect the sweetness of being six. (They grow up so quick as it is and although some older styles look adorable some seem to be pushing things a bit.)

Great photos!