Thursday, January 31, 2008

Riley is FOUR!

Days like today are so emotional for me; most of me is so excited about the milestone my child is reaching while a tiny part would flash back to the day in celebration, to relive it once again, craziness and all. There is nothing like the incomparable joy of childbirth and that feeling is the reason I’ll probably always have a tinge of envy along with extreme happiness for all who travel the path after me. They were the best days of my life, my chance to witness three important miracles that I had the tiniest hand in bringing to the world. Four years ago today was one of my days.

Riley is FOUR! After the most determined attempt at a VBAC in history (or so I think) she also entered the world with a pull, in a manner that was apparently becoming my traditional way of delivery. After 24 hours to dilate and two more full of pushing, the decision was made that the baby just would not descend. We went to the OR and within minutes I was ready to go.

I knew she was a girl all along – I was right this time! Our sweet, tough cookie came out with the biggest pout you’d ever seen and the fullest head of black stick-out hair. We thought for sure her bottom lip would still be set in pout formation at her sixteenth birthday, but I’m happy to report it quickly relaxed! We knew instantly and simultaneously that her name would be Riley - and it was fourth on our list at the time! We just knew. She was perfect and beautiful and we got to hold her immediately; even with the c-section, it was so much less of a medical situation for us than the first time. We revelled in it and her and called the world to let them know our little one had arrived!

Within minutes the troops arrived to meet, know and love this little addition to our family. From the start she has been smart and beautiful, self-sufficient and thoughtfully reserved. She’s an old, intuitive soul and understands things you’d think she wouldn’t and could care less about other stuff. She is amazingly helpful, a great listener is already writing and starting to read, can count to 40 without missing a beat, loves Barbie’s more than any kid ever and has a determined athletic talent. She is girly-girl, too – loves to change clothes 100 times a day. She has big plans of going to American Idol to audition. She loves her sister and brother in ways that I can’t even imagine – she would do anything for them. She wants to go back to Disney, in a bad way. And she tries, diligently every single night, to make me stay in her room longer than I anticipate. And even though I fight it, she always wins a bit – I know these days will end sometime soon as she grows. I am so proud of everything she is and so honored to be her mommy.

Riley completed our family at that point in time and taught us with her miraculous arrival how big our hearts really are. She doubled their capacities and gave the word FAMILY a whole new meaning. She blessed us again and continues to do so every day.

At 9:05 am, Riley will turn four. I’ll be watching her gorgeous little face in the rear view mirror as we drive to ballet class. I’ll remember all the wonder of her birth and imagine all that lies ahead for her. And, just as I am in every single moment, I’ll be grateful from my head to my toes for my sweet Riley girl.


Mary said...

Misty and feeling beyond wonderful as I read your entry. When Riley entered the world, it was as if everything was happening for the first time all over again. One very beautiful, sweet baby has grown into a very special 4 year old. She is the miracle known as Riley - whose smiles, hugs and energy this Grammy's heart could not live without.

n8 said...

loved this post and someday she will too! tiffany