Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A few months ago, I planned to meet one of my oldest and dearest friends in the city for an overnight “girls’ night out” in February. Another wonderful friend of ours is meeting us - it’s been so long since we’ve really spent time together. We touched base last week to begin to talk about the details and I had to let her know that, due to birthday palooza, I would be on a big-time budget for our weekend. I asked her what she was thinking we should do and she said, “What if we just hang out at the hotel, maybe even in the lobby, and read all the magazines that we never get a chance to? We could sit in the hot tub for hours, throw all our money in a fabulous dinner and then watch a movie in our room on Friday night.” I was in love with the idea, from beginning to end, and jumped right on board.

I have found myself chuckling about it lately, though. I mean, how things have changed! A decade ago, before kids, we would have thought each other were crazy for suggesting anything like that and never would have considered it. We would have planned to do a million things, that cost a ton of money, and we would have stayed out until 4 am. Believe me, I would love to have a ton of money to spend, but the thought of staying out until 4 makes me cringe. Yes, I am much more enticed by the thought of hours on end of peace and quiet alternating with catching up time; both without the interruption of the little voices I love so much. I am enamored with the images and feelings of relaxing in a hot tub, showering without a knock on the shower door, getting ready and eating a shamefully delicious meal, with no one hitting me on the arm and asking for bites. I can’t wait to really connect with my friends. To end the night with a movie of our choice, to have the energy to stay awake long enough to see the credits and even talk about it for a moment and then fall into a blissful sleep – it’s too much. Finally, to top it all off with no middle-of-the-night wake up calls and the ability to sleep later than usual… well, I am excited beyond words.

Maybe it sounds boring; to many I’m sure it does. But it’s exactly what I need; just 24 wonderful hours to recharge. I’ve been finding myself daydreaming about it as I would have anticipated spring break in years past. I can’t wait!


susan said...

I want to come so badly!!

n8 said...

I was so excited to see this! Glad we are on the same page. It sounds perfect. Bring your magazines.

Susan...get that girl weaned. We want you there.