Monday, January 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle

There is a special feeling about getting back in the groove after a long break; like after you’ve had a baby or been through a move. I’m feeling it right now after what seemed like endless holidays. Everyone kept saying that they couldn’t wait for school to start again and I really couldn’t relate. After two weeks of house guests and countless parties, my kids hardly had a break to speak of. Not that they didn’t have a great time mind you, I just wondered how tired they must be when I am so totally pooped!

I really was dreading the back to school thing, to be honest. Logan, a 99% sweet and easy-going child, is a bear in the mornings until her feet touch the first floor. It has been so nice to allow her to sleep late and wake up slowly, not even getting dressed until necessary most days. Riley and Finn joined in and slept late too, even though they are earlier risers. I tried to get them up a little earlier the last few days, but it was just so nice to let them stay and get more sleep and give myself the chance to linger between the sheets a little longer or hop out early for some “me” (writing, paying bills, organizing) time. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the peace and quiet of a sleeping house, it is still “me” time! So back to school day was soon upon us and we survived just fine.

I actually did well getting them all dressed and fed and out the door by 8:15 – I was even showered. After a stern talking to about consequences, Logan thought better of the “push back” path she almost went down. The morning was pleasurable and happy and everyone cheerfully yelled goodbye as we dropped Logan off. Riley’s drop off went without a hitch as well and I was down to one for the first time in weeks. Granted, by far the HARDEST ONE, but ONE just the same. The little man and I headed out to do a few returns and in the middle of it I felt extremely grateful for the opportunity to be moving along at a swift pace, with only one in my charge, and actually to be knocking things off my list!

As soon as we hit the grocery store, the longest errand, the monster arrived in true form. Finn cried and screamed in frustration while opening most of my groceries and fighting his seat belt. There wasn’t much I could do, he could pretty much reach anything he wanted and I needed more space than the bottom of the cart! It’s funny, I am so beyond this bothering me, if it had been Logan as a baby, I would have died of embarrassment. But with Finn, I just plug along, trying to get the day’s deeds done. He got over himself eventually and by the time we checked out had a full on flirt fest with the gals who bagged our groceries. They, who had not witnessed Godzilla in the aisles, all thought he was the perfect angel - which, despite his colorful personality, he definitely is.

Yes, it is good to be back in the saddle. I definitely welcome our routine back with open arms, poop in the horseshoes, and all.

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