Monday, January 28, 2008

Party - Wooo!

Well, I think it was a success, but not without its interesting moments. The girls’ party was last night and we were blessed with all sorts of wonderful friends and family here to celebrate. With eight kids around, not our usually party mind you, it was kind of nuts! They all added some spice to what may have otherwise been a run of the mill gathering.

One mellow little dude took a chomp from another who took it upon himself to give the first a spanking, another ace manipulator worked her way into an early treat bag, while another tried to talk Riley into giving up some of her goods because “I NEEEEED them!” Finn wandered in an out of sight, happy to be left alone for awhile, I’m sure. Hannah Montana raked in the money. Barbies were played with, sugar was gulped in mass quantities, Webkinz were counted, kids were chased, candles were lit and two little princesses were queens for the day. For us all, there was never a dull moment and there are lots of pictures to prove it! (Note: Better pictures coming soon - I just realized that my photo editor was on a trial basis - ugh!!)

And now Mommy can rest! February rules. Thanks to all who joined in on the fun at our home or in spirit! We love you!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

I'm glad you had a successful party!

Mary said...

Cannot beat making birthday party memories for kids. It was all you wrote and more.