Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about the girls and their relationship lately. It is so real right now; they can go from 0 to 60 in a second, from best friends to the worst enemies. This is all usually over Barbie’s purse or whether or not they think it’s appropriate that they both request the same things from Santa. (Unfortunately for Santa, that’s just the way it will be this year!) I see both extreme adoration and intense competition between them, both of which seem to be in operation at healthy levels for now. They protect each other and worry about each other and then easily shove each other out of the way at soccer, right after cheering the other on. I’m sure that’s what sisters do.

Unfortunate circumstances in my own life have left me unable to use my own relationship with my sister as an example to my girls, so I am winging it. I try to encourage all the good stuff, ignore the harmless and do away with the bad. I am hopelessly attempting to teach the meaning of “ignore.” I reward their good deeds and my heart flips when they tell me they did something nice for each other. I’m no dummy, most of that is in hopes of a reward from me, but they are still “getting it” a little, day by day.

After school drop off, Riley goes through a period of sadness when Logan gets out of the car. It’s always a mad rush: she unbuckles, Riley begs for a kiss and hug, Logan says she doesn’t have time, I tell her to do it anyway. Then I ask for my kiss, tell her I love her, Finn starts yelling “Bye!” at the top of his lungs and she’s off. The whole way through the parking lot Riley and Finn are continuing their goodbyes. Today, Riley asked a last minute question of Logan that got lost in the shuffle. She was so dejected. I tried to explain that Logan was in such a rush that she had to go and that it would be the same with her someday and Finn would be left waiting. And then they’ll all go and I’ll say, “Where did they all go?”

Now I’m feeling sad.

But, as usual, I was saved from my impending funk by three-year old conversation. Riley told me she planned to marry Briggs, the seven year old son my wonderful friend, Tiffany.

“You do?” I asked, thinking that it was so funny to even hear her say this.

“I do!” She announced. “So Logan better not be!”

Sisters ‘til the end!

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n8 said...

Briggs sure has two beautiful gals to choose from!