Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend

Wonders really never cease. It blows my mind to even be able to write this, but after nearly six years of constant companionship, my oldest daughter has given up her thumb. We've been gently suggesting it since the age of three, but as our suggestions began, so did the continuity of her sucking. So we backed off, only to try on and off over the next three years. Last week, Logan's teacher asked if we were working on it. I said "Yes! For three years!" She mentioned how bad it has been for kids over the years with the teasing that goes along with habits like this and that she hated to see it happen to Logan. I don't know if we sensed that Logan was also ready or what, but we ordered some miracle paint-on deterrent online. On Friday, I announced that Saturday night we'd have a goodbye party for Logan's thumb and our applications would begin Sunday morning. Well, Logan surprised us by asking for it first thing on Saturday and she has never turned back. I have not seen her thumb near her mouth since applying that first stroke of surprising serum.

I am so happy for her and I know how proud of herself she is. This is a huge accomplishment! She probably had her thumb in her mouth 80% of the day and all night long. I can't even believe that she has been able to sleep through the night! Anyway, as happy as I am about how easily she managed this hurdle, it's a little bittersweet for sure. I remember the excitement her daddy and I felt over having a thumb-sucker (I can't tell you how much trouble I had keeping track of pacifiers in those early months), the relief we felt as she held, in her own hand, the key to self-soothe and sleep well and the gratitude we experienced that her wonderful pal helped her to recover from "owies" and hurt feelings faster than our too-adult-style words ever could. I have noticed a few more middle of the night visits and definitely more drama than usual; she has got to be feeling this drastic change. I have no doubt her thumb will be missed by us all.

So adios little thumb. I'll miss all your talents, but I am sure that you have much more to offer Logan with your new found freedom. I envision a future very bright for you both full of crayons, driving, kite flying, sports of all sorts, sewing, painting and cartwheels. We are eternally grateful for all that you have given to Logan and us these past six years, but most notably for the confidence you helped instill in her by loosening your hold. If there's just one more request I could bestow on you - no future hitchhiking please!

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n8 said...

Oooohh...bring the serum when you come for a visit. Briggs still likes his thumb when he sleeps at night.