Friday, October 26, 2007

Go Take a Hot Shower!

Is there anything better than an uninterrupted hot shower?

I was just getting dressed (and yes, it is 2 PM and I have already done the morning routine, dropped off and picked up two kids from two schools, been to Costco, recycled my grocery bags, returned and exchanged items at two separate stores, made and cleaned up lunch and managed a playdoh accident.) Anyway, as I dressed I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the long, uninterrupted, both-legs shaved, hot shower I had just experienced. I think it’s like meditation for me; it’s certainly just as rare as meditation!

Seriously though, think about it. Eyes closed now and imagine the rush of a shower with great water pressure above you. The temperature is perfect; just before ‘blazing’ for me. The running water is the only sound you hear and you start to zone out and relax. Miraculously, there are no little people around for the moment. Thoughts come clearly and actually are completed before being replaced by new ones. Ideas even arrive, unexpectedly; rewards for this peaceful time alone. You smell the soap, even venture to use the expensive exfoliator that you rarely ever think about. You’re graced with the 1-3 minutes of conditioner time and as if it can’t get any better, you’re able to completely rinse off before, oh so sadly, turning the dial to “OFF.”

I had a funny conversation with another mom this week about the sad state of affairs when it comes to us moms being able to close the bathroom door during the day. That last sad bit of privacy is sacrificed during these glorious early childhood days. I regretfully admitted that I am so accustomed to leaving the door open that I sometimes do it even when I don’t have to! I miss shutting that door and need to grant myself the privilege more often! But for as much as I want that door closed, I’d leave it open forever to be granted the shower I had today every once in awhile – there’s nothing like it.

Thanks kids!

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