Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lights, camera, action!

Well, in hindsight, today was a bucket-list day. I guess this little adventure was never actually on my bucket list, but I know now that it should have been. I was taken totally by surprise a few weeks ago when my editor at GateHouse Media asked if I'd be interested in shooting a quick video spot to become available with my Shoestring Living column when it runs each week. So this writer jumped at the chance, veered left and ventured into some video work. Not ever having done something like this before, I was excited, but nervous, too.

All I can say is thank God for reality TV, because while we shot the first four video spots in my home and our neighborhood today, I thought of the many comments I've heard from judges on shows like The Next Food Network Star. "Look at the camera. Tell a personal story. Smile. Show energy and personality." In one spot, I assemble a recipe I've created. Let me tell you, it's an art to get all those things together without the spoon flipping out of the bowl or forgetting to put in an ingredient!

Anyway, it was such a great experience; one I look forward to continuing. I think I was the most excited after it was all over and I realized how much I truly enjoyed the whole process.

Stay tuned for some links to my video debut!

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