Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all good things must end

Maybe it's the fact that, until now, our lives have been full of tutus and hair-do's and all things girly, but whatever the reason, the end of Finn's first baseball season is sad for both Mike and me. As things wrapped up last night, our team of Flying Squirrels lingered about. I'm betting that most of us parents knew we had experienced something really special in the last six weeks as we watched our little guys (and gals) morph from distracted and clueless, to kids that pay attention and know the rules (within reason, of course!)

We were the last to leave the baseball park, us Flying Squirrels. That says a lot when you consider that eight full teams and all their fans were there along with us. Our little men and women happily bounded off the diamond, proudly wearing their medals and bouncing with excitement toward whatever lies ahead. And us change-resistant adults seemed to long for it to last just a little longer, to watch a few more baseball bloopers while they're so young and silly, to keep them at this bobble-head in a batting helmet stage for a bit more.

No such luck, he's growing up. But boy has this season been fun!

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