Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I don't remember trying out for too many things in my childhood. I mean, when I really think back, the first I recall is a play in junior high and then for cheer leading the summer before senior year. Both memories evoke my old fear of public speaking; the flushing, hot cheeks, the uncontrollable nerves. Thank God I've grown out of that.

The number of times our kids get up and strut their stuff all for the acceptance and judgement of others astounds me. They confidently balance on apparatuses high in the air, they sing a cappella, they recite lines. They fearlessly seek achievement and advancement in a way that makes me proud. If they don't get what they want, their momentary disappointment melts away and they move forward toward the next challenge, the next experience to drink up. Their desire to be good and be adventurous is insatiable. I pray to God they never grow out of that.

This week, Logan tried out for the local affiliate USA Swimming team and made it. We are beyond proud and look forward to our fish making a big splash.

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