Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm grateful....

For the fact that Finn thinks Sally is Lightening McQueen’s mommy.

For a full lap.

For having my time, my arms and my words mean so much to three little people (and sometimes four, depending on the words!)

For good friends. There is nothing like good friends.

For family that supports, shows up, comes through and makes the best of everything and everything the best.

For the ability to change my mind, my day, myself.

For Riley’s mean groove and need to perform. Even when I think I’ll collapse from another show, she always makes me laugh. Although that might not be her intention…

For the uninterrupted five or ten minutes before I realize that everyone has been playing nicely on their own.

For the wonderful people in my life that encourage my writing and lead me in directions where I almost always find work.

For smart, kind editors and their essential feedback.

For Logan’s insatiable and persistent desire to learn and recant everything she’s learned, verbatim. Her memory is a vault. And her sweetness is second to none.

For my hardworking and handy husband who, among many other talents, can fix or build or rig anything, anytime.

For Riley’s tough cookie attitude and soft gooey center.

For Heroes and Lost and the Office, Law and Order reruns at night and my DVR.

For this funny cowlick on the back of Finn’s head (think Dennis the Menace.)

For the ability to find time, somewhere, in this very busy life, to read.

For all and everything that is Mike.

For the fact that Logan still tells me all about her day, in detail.

For the blessings that God continues to give us and the boundless hope that I have for our future.

For all this and more, I’m truly grateful.

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