Thursday, November 13, 2008


Torture. This is the word that my six year old chose to use to define her father's and my “assistance” with her recently lost top front tooth! After five of the longest weeks in life, Logan finally lost her front tooth on Wednesday morning with a little help from me. I saw my shot and took it and grabbed that sucker that had been blowing (literally) in the wind of her breath, preventing her from eating or talking and able to do 360 degree turns effortlessly. It was time and after hours of discussion, I talked Logan into a tug and then just kept pulling. (I know, I’m horrible, but it had gotten to the point that she would’ve had to miss school!)

When it was all over, in a split second, Logan became teary-eyed and profusely thanked me saying it didn’t hurt at all – man was I relieved. So now she can eat and sleep and talk without interruption and best of all, I’ll get the toothless Christmas card photo I’ve always dreamed of. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek!

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mary said...

...and what a beautiful toothless grin it is! Good job mom!