Thursday, December 4, 2008


Each morning, for the last thirteen years, I drink my coffee from a left-handed stainless steel coffee mug. It’s the best; it keeps my coffee incredibly hot, for hours, through fifteen pick-up and drop-offs and various errands. I love it and cringe anytime I reach for it on a cold morning and realize I’ve forgotten to run the dishwasher the night before. There has only ever been one problem with my old mug; it’s left-handed and I'm not. I can’t tell you how many mornings I have grumbled about how silly I was to purchase a left-handed one so many years ago.

For some reason, after thirteen years, it finally dawned on me to ask Mike about it.

“I love this mug,” I said. “But I can’t stand that it’s left-handed!”

He of course laughed at me, grabbed the mug and readjusted it. He handed it over, to my right hand, where it fit perfectly. I was in shock.

How was it possible that I endured this minor inconvenience for thirteen years without ever realizing there was a better way? Seeing my mug in a new light poured parallels into the rest of my life something fierce. How many other things could be better? How many other solutions are right there before my eyes going totally unnoticed?

A quote I heard many years ago from – of all people – Dr. Phil, sticks with me. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.” My coffee mug is nothing on the list of life’s grievances, but maybe it is high time I take my own advice. Other areas, like parenting, could certainly benefit from a fresh look, especially at this crazy time of year.

So, with my mug comfortably in hand, I’m setting out to change my world. Isn’t it amazing how one cup of coffee in the morning can make sense out of everything?

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mary said...

Your blog was great and funny and enlightening - as most of your entries are and I must add (confess) that I have never purchased, a much wanted, stainless steel coffee mug because they ALL appear to be "left handed" - or were they?!

Each morning, I fill my china cup and carefully walk it to my car, slide it slowly into the holder and drink carefully/quickly until it is gone. Plenty of times I have had to reach for tissues to soak up the spills - not cool.

I will purchase the stainless steel mug pronto and drop by to have Mike work his magic. Problem solved.

By the way, the real message here was not lost on me either. I am in the process of re-focusing my effort to gain the result I am after. Thanks.