Monday, March 17, 2008

Cute Things Finn Says

I couldn’t help but write what is surely more of a baby book entry than a blog post. (Who am I kidding about finding the time to write in baby books anyway?) After all, this is first and foremost our family chronicles and Finn’s current favorite sayings deserve a place in time for sure. As he becomes more and more verbal, it’s funny to see how he remains to be ‘a whole new world’ for us daily. Here are my favorites:

Oh Man!
He knows exactly how to use this phrase, which is one that I tend to use myself. He says it when it something spills, when he takes his diaper off during a nap or when he pretends to just realize that he’s made a mess by sneaking into my bathroom and pumping all of my lotion on the rug and rubbing it all over our glass shower doors. He also does not know how to use it, for example, he is very fond of his yet to be used potty seat. He walks around with it, wearing it as a hat or sticks his whole face inside and yells, “Oh man!”

You had to know that this would make my list. But it’s funny how he uses it. Since he has begun to experience new found freedom beyond the baby gates, I frequently run to check on him upstairs. All I have to do to find him is say “Finn?” and he quickly responds by yelling, “No!” Do you think he considers me a buzz-kill or what?

Baby, No!
This one worries me. Since I truly believe that kids do what you do more than do what you say, I wonder where this is coming from. Yes, it is certain that I constantly am having to tell Finn “no” due to his fingers entering wall sockets, chairs being pushed to the stovetop or his cute little bod walking across our dining room table. But I don’t say, “Baby, no!” Anyway, he constantly does that when talking to his teddy bears or even sometimes other kids at his little gymnastics class. It’s kind of embarrassing. Especially when combined with his newly acquired (light) pushing other kids habit. Proud moments, proud moments.

It’s been an interesting experience to be out and about and have people mention my newspaper column to me. Amazing does not even begin to describe how I feel when someone tells me that I brought them to tears or captured something so well. That’s all I could have ever hoped for with this column and it’s pretty cool. I guess it’s a good thing that the people that may read my column are also seeing me run around after a baby saying “no” who is pushing other kids and then, when they fall, saying “Oh man!” At least they’ll get a good view of my human side…. And they definitely won’t think that I make stuff up!

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