Monday, March 17, 2008

60 Years Young!

Today my mom turns 60 years old!

What an awesome milestone. There couldn’t be a better mom out there – she has done more for me and my siblings over the years than you could possibly imagine, and although life has not always been easy, she has persevered, finding good in every way possible. She is a hot mama with sharp style and listening skills and empathy beyond compare. I don’t know another person so willing to help out – in particular baby-sit our kids at the drop of a hat and consider it an honor! (Seriously, I thought this would eventually wear off!)

She is pretty much a selfless person, always shooting for the stars when it comes to her family. Her unwavering view of the way life should be keeps positive outlooks alive in the dimmest moments. She has helped all of us over a hump at times in our lives and would do so time and time again.

My mom is a “Grammy extraordinaire.” She knows our kids inside and out and they couldn’t love her anymore. Her arrival at our home results in enormous outbursts of joy from each of them. She has survived long car trips with them in tow (like to Disney) and remained unscathed, when Mike and I needed a vacation to recuperate. Her patience with them is second-to-none and I so appreciate that when mine has worn thin. Her endless creativity makes for ingenious games on the fly or turns a clean up into a celebration. She is inspiring, to say the least. She is everything to my kids – and me too.

So I challenge my mom, my most loyal reader. As you turn sixty today – turn the page. Start a new and most exciting chapter of your life. From now on, discover all the amazing and unique things about you that you have put on the back burner while taking care of others for so long. Read great books, take dance lessons and art classes, and explore the world for yourself. There is so much to be uncovered that you deserve to see – now is the time.

Happy Birthday to my fabulous Mom!


susan said...

Happy Birthday Mrs Logan!!! Molly is right in every way! You are a wonderful person! I have so many fond memories from high school when we would just sit and talk to you! Such wisdom and understanding! You look fantastic too! Have a great day!!


mary said...

I am choked up, as the words I am writing actually get stuck in my head, instead of my throat (unusual as that may seem). This condition affected me as soon as I laid sight on today's entry. Never did I expect it to be what it was. Never was I so touched. You wrote of a mom that I always wished to be for my children. A mom and a grammy who is "there". You make me proud that, in fact and all along (mistakes and accomplishments/acknowledged and known) I've been succeeding at the most important role of my life - and I am humbled that you think so. As my confidence in who I am began to wain, you steadied my thinking and made it clear that at 60 - a whole new exciting chapter of my life is waiting to be written. I accept your challenge "to turn the page and explore the world for myself". I'm excited to see what happens and where I end up. Thank you for this entry and the gentle push... into my future.

n8 said...

I couldn't agree more! Tiffany