Friday, March 28, 2008


I feel like a walking Nyquil commercial. Sniffling, Sneezing, Stuffy head, Fever. Add burning eyes, sore throat and headache and you’ve got it all. The only thing I want to do is rest. It’s been lovely to suffer through this kid-intense spring break managing all these symptoms and just dreaming of my bed. I had one night of 12 hours of sleep, followed by a completely sleepless one last night – go figure.

Of course, the sicko factor has not bought me any perks. While I dote all over my kids when they’re under the weather, my obvious weakness only brings about louder noises, more bickering and crazier stunts by Finn, leaving me zeroed out when it comes to patience. It’s just not right that us moms don’t get the same treatment when our super-immune systems finally break down and catch the goods that our kids bring in the door. I mean, you’d think that when I’m sick I shouldn’t have to eat lunch standing at the kitchen counter while fielding at least 15 requests for other food, clean ups, different colored-straws and to hear tattling. Shouldn’t my dizzy, full head and aching joints buy me one peaceful meal? To top it off, last night was a bath night. I was so tired I threw them all in together with hopes I would be sitting down sooner to watch a movie with them. This three-in-one move just doesn’t work anymore. Finn and Riley fought for the end and Logan shivered, but of course no one was willing to get out when they were done.

This all came after FIVE – which I can’t believe is possible – milk spills during dinner. Ugh. And then Mike came home, unusually late, with all the beginning symptoms of this wonderful little bug, just in time for the weekend. I can tell it’s going to be a great one. And by the way, all the little carriers are just fine. Oh well, guess that’s parenthood for you.

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