Wednesday, September 21, 2011

...that guy...

Let me start by saying that I'm not proud of this, but it must be recorded!

Yesterday, during one of many carpooling trips, Finn and I chatted.  He asked why I wouldn't take him out "right now" and buy him an Indian Jones Lego set.  I said that Christmas was coming and that I could put it on his list, but as of now I was saving up for Christmas.

He said, "What's the big deal about Christmas anyway?"

"Do you mean, why do we celebrate it?" I asked.

"Yes," he confirmed.

"Well, it's Jesus' birthday," I answered and immediately saw a perplexed look come over his face.  "Do you know who Jesus is?"

He considered this for awhile and then said, "Oh yeah, is he that guy who gave us the ice skates last year?"

Sad, but true.  (And pretty funny.)  He was trying to be on the right track; remembering back to St. Nicholas' gift last year.  The truth is that Mike and I have struggled with an absence of need for organized religion, but never our beliefs.  It seems that Finn's initial understanding has been lost in our struggle.

I quickly explained and dusted off Bible Stories for Young Children.  Even if we're not sure where our own trees are planted, it's time to give this kid some roots.

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Grammy said...

Since Uncle Jim and I have a connection to the guy and gal (St. Nicholas and Mrs. Claus) who gave him the ice skates, I have to say... Blessings!! and you are right, it is time to root Finn's life in the goodness of this world and beyond.

Funny though, I think you may have already done that by showing him how wonderful kindness,love,giving,sharing and being aware of the greatness of each and every living creature is -you just didn't identify it as religion - but your example of living each day with no regrets, is evident. Happy Birthday Jesus! Love, Grammy