Wednesday, October 5, 2011

can you roll your tongue?

Four of the five of us have the genetic trait that allows us to roll our tongues.  For at least three years, the fact that Riley is the only one of us lacking this physical ability has frustrated her beyond words.  Our girl, who can pretty much master any bodily task that she sets her mind on, cannot complete this simple movement.

Until now.

For some reason, her tongue rolling problem came up again this week.  In her room and I suppose in class and on the bus, and in any available moment, this girl has been secretly and relentlessly training her tongue to roll into the perfect tube.  This morning she proudly announced, and displayed, her victory over her genes.

It's seriously amazing.  She can do it, but it takes some kind of mental focus I can't describe.  The look on her face and effort she's putting forth into this one simple movement is completely intense.  She can't hold it long, but she can do it.  I swear.

All I can do is laugh.  If anyone would be determined, competitive and strong enough to beat out her own genetic makeup, it's Riley!  I so admire her strength.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

Admire her we all do. I, grammy, cannot role my tongue. I have tried and tried but cannot complete the tube like result I want.

Congrats Riley... your effort is recognized and applauded!!!!