Wednesday, September 7, 2011


If you glance out the window and see your child on a bike, wearing snow boots and holding a sled in the summer, I strongly urge you to immediately drop what you're doing to investigate further. Last Thursday this exact thing happened, and in the two minutes I took to finish a conversation before sending Mike out on a Finn search, all hell broke loose.

In his infinite and boyish wisdom, our 5-year old decided to helmet-less-ly travel across a forbidden busy street to sled down hills in an area of our subdivision under construction. When his wheels hit the gravel, his snow-booted feet weren't up to the challenge and he bit it, hard. Here's what he looked like:

X-rays showed no fracture, but his swelling was nothing short of freakish! The healing power of kids is amazing and he's well on his way to having a miraculously decent school picture next week. And while we have new rules in place and a new bike helmet thanks to Granddad, I can't knock this little dude's creativity. Lord help us in the teenage years!

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