Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wedding Girls

The excitement is brewing and we still have 6 months to go! Last week, Mike’s cousin, Laura, called and asked Logan and Riley to be flower girls in her wedding. She’ll be getting married in North Carolina this September, and the girls are thrilled. They got off the phone with her and danced and jumped and cheered with anticipation. They had lots of questions and flower girl professional, Logan, doled out her sage advice to newcomer, Riley.

I am excited, too! Their ages are perfect; at almost five and almost seven, I think they’ll do great and have fun in their little corner of the spotlight. It’s sounding like it will be the most beautiful Southern wedding, with breakfasts and brunches and a big wedding party. We just can’t wait. Their grandmom, Mary, will most likely make their simple dresses and we’ll have to stockpile lots of other cute outfits for all the various events.

Finn will possibly throw a wrench into our excitement – closing in on two and a half at that point, there’s no telling what we can expect. If the wedding were today, I assure you he would not be making the trip. But six months from now will hopefully be a different story. I’d prefer to have our whole family there together, so maybe grace will rain down upon us and give Finn the fortitude to survive all these important events without doing too much damage!

I can’t wait to see the girls in action. We’re so grateful to Mike’s cousin and her fiancé for thinking of them. I am so glad that Logan has the opportunity to do this again, now that she’s older. She was incredible at three and a half for our good friends’ wedding, but she’ll really remember this experience, I think. And I couldn’t be happier about Riley getting an opportunity to do this as well – I wondered if she ever would. She’d never complain about it, but I KNOW this is a really big deal for her – for both of them. They’ve informed their teachers, class mates, friends, ballet instructors, old gymnastics coaches and even the cashier at Target. The world knows – the Anderson girls will be flower girls!

Or “wedding girls” as Riley puts it. (And pronounces it “giiiils”.) It’s going to be FUN!

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mary said...

I walked in your home, the other day and said "hi" and gave hugs and kisses and then got to visiting when Logan said, "Grammy, I'm really surprised that you didn't walk in and say, Hi flower girls".

Your blog is awesome and relates the feelings that a wedding is in the works with excitement and eager anticipation in the air. You can feel it and see it in their faces as these little sweeties flutter about their day. I am so glad for them to be part of such a romantic and special event. (like bringing their princess movies to life - and they are in the movie - how grand is that - for all of you!

I only wish that it was being covered on Entertainment Tonight so that I could watch it from Naperville in real time. Not being the case, I will look forward to the photos and videos that I am sure will mark this wonderful time!