Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forces at Work

It’s not that I ever doubted that there were greater forces at work, but sometimes in life there are just these HUGE coincidences that are undeniably connected to something bigger. I had the coolest experience this week and it just makes you wonder!

On Monday morning, I woke to find an email from an old high school classmate who had come to read my blog through a mutual friend. Her lovely note was so appreciated – it made me feel great that she had enjoyed what she found here. She also let me in on all the happenings of her own life and mentioned that it seemed we had a lot in common. She was right! After no contact in over 19 years, somehow we had a ton of coincidences in our lives, from family stuff, to pet stuff, to North Carolina where she currently lives and more. It was pretty neat.

I had book club on Monday night, so I was busy and didn’t have time to answer her that day. After an odd day filled with strange neighbor experiences in our new ‘hood, I welcomed the chance to just go and discuss my book choice, Eat, Pray, Love with the group that meets at our clubhouse. I packed food and wine and headed out. It was such a fun time and a good book to discuss; lots of questions, lots of places for differing opinions. The best part was that we spent a good extra hour just chatting and eating and getting to know each other.

At one point, one of the women and I figured out that we both graduated the same year. While I went to Hinsdale Central, she attended Hinsdale South. We immediately began sharing maiden names and trying to find people in common. Unbelievably, one of the first names that she threw my way was the same gal who had just emailed me the night before about the blog! I swear I almost fell off the couch! They had played soccer together on a traveling team. I have to say it again – it had been 19 years since my former classmate and I had spoken – and not only did each of us come up in each other’s lives, but in big ways!

I was so excited to return her email and let her in on what had happened. Isn’t it funny how things come together sometimes? I plan on forwarding the contact information for both girls to each other so they can catch up, too. There is such an unbelievable domino effect in life. I mean, my old classmate probably debated as to whether to contact me or not and for whatever reason, decided to do so. Next, we find some pretty strong parallels in our lives and within hours, I stumble across another old connection for her. There is something magical about the fact that things like that are happening all around us, everyday. It kind of takes the pressure off for perfection, and just makes you feel more than ever, that some things are just meant to be.

I have an amazing friend that is going through a horrible, unimaginable time right now. I am struggling with what to say and do to help her. In a recent email, I wrote that I think I’m learning as an adult to hope and pray for what is right, for what is meant to be, instead of what I think I want. For her, I hope the two coincide, but how freeing it has been in my own life to just let things happen and feel secure about the fact that they are the right things for me. Not that I can’t guide my life, choose my path – we have so many options. But being aware of connections and ideas and people planted in your life, of those other forces at work, well, you just don’t know where it can lead you!

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Micaela said...


Believe it or not, here's another ghost from the past. I randomly came across your blog and had to say hello. We, too, went to high school together. We, too, have not been in contact since graduation, but you have been in my thoughts over the years.

There is no subtly obvious hint to offer as to who I am other than to say that we survived our first major car accident together one rainy afternoon pursuing something we probably shouldn't have been doing! Who am I?

Have you guessed? It's Mia Kim! Although I rarely go by my nickname anymore... These days it's the full Micaela Kim Fisher. I loved reading your blog and catching up on some tidbits of your life with Mike, and would love to catch up even more.

Hopefully you find this post (I don't know how these blog post really work), and email me back. I hope you're doing well and look forward to hearing from you!