Monday, April 14, 2008

From the Mouth of Our Babe

We survived a rainy, cold, sometimes snowy and in my opinion - ridiculous - mid-April Chicago weekend. We hung out and did all the normal stuff, but had a good deal of down time too, which allowed for things like this video to be filmed. I'm sure that there is nothing better than the sound of your own child laughing, but hearing someone else's is pretty darn good, too. Enjoy!


mary said...

Happiness is as simple as a moment like this.

Left me smiling!

n8 said...

tim and i always said we would be millionaires if we could figure out how to 1) bottle up the laughs of children and sell it to make people feel better and 2) invent a childsafe stun gun to stop them in their tracks before they can create any more destruction or harm to themselves.