Friday, April 11, 2008

Glorious Spring

Staring at the face of another cold and possibly snowy spring Saturday and Sunday, I must give props to Mother Nature for throwing us a bone last weekend. We experienced two glorious days of weather in the 60’s that allowed for all kinds of airing out and outdoor fun. We spent ALL weekend outside, riding bikes, doing yard work, getting things out of storage and finally installing the storm door that has been propped up against a wall in the garage since last September. I can’t tell you how happy I am about that!

The biggest news of the weekend was that Logan is successfully free-wheeling her way through life now. After a few minutes of practice, she ditched the training wheels and is now perfecting her craft. I was thrilled that it was easy for her and it’s possible that you heard my cheers and screams of excitement wherever you live. It was one of “those” moments to treasure forever. Of course the whole experience left my back and legs aching. Thank God I maxed out at five feet tall; it could have been a lot worse! It did occur to me that there may have been benefits to starting a family several years earlier; by the time Finn is learning, Mike and I should be in great shape.

Riley is on her way, too – and if you’ve ever experienced her unbelievable determination, then you know it’s just a matter of time. We were so proud of both of them and they were feeling it too, it was obvious.

The kids filled those two days just being kids, playing with everyone in everyone’s yard, riding each bike and scooter they could find, decorating our world with elaborate chalk designs and exploring the ravines that run along our streets. Logan and Riley ended up completely sunburned – I felt awful. We lathered them up for Sunday and they were fine.

Finn was in his hay day too, blonde curls blowing in the wind as he rode his motorized hand-me-down Harley Davidson, graciously donated by a neighbor. He tried to climb into window wells and up trees, collected a pocketful of rocks and soaked it all in. It is a whole new world to him and he couldn’t have enjoyed it any more.

Even the dog reveled in it, passed out on the front lawn for hours – so long that her black fur was boiling hot. It must have felt great.

Mike and I ended the day by bringing out two kites that I have had forever, but never used. There were about 25 kids within a six house vicinity and most came running when the kites easily took flight in our wind tunnel corner of the world. Everyone wanted a turn, but their attention spans quickly petered out and they moved on to other things. In the end, Mike and I flew our kites for about 45 minutes and I can’t think of anything more relaxing or enjoyable that I have done in a really long time. I looked around, feeling the strong pull of the kite above, seeing the gazillion kids around me and was truly grateful. As much as I don’t want the forecast for this weekend, I know I can endure it with the promise of another like the last.

Of course on Monday afternoon when retrieving the mail, I opened my front door and walked straight through the darn storm door that I had been begging for all these months! Guess I got what I asked for!

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mary said...

I was almost mesmerized by the description of your weekend. It was wonderful - heartwarming! As a reader of this blog, I was able to share your experience and picture everything - Logan learning to ride her 2-wheeler, Riley's eagerness to quickly learn the skill, Finn's energy as he experienced so much for the first time and Harley freed to lay peaceful on the front lawn . You and Mike feeling good about accomplishing so much during the weekend, enjoying your children - "enjoy" and relishing the fresh air (the spring air, I could almost smell it and feel the Oswego breezes). It was a lovely entry - could have been a scene in a movie. Then the ending - I'm laughing out loud again. Thanks. Mom