Thursday, December 6, 2007

Puffy Coats

Man do I love the first real snowfall of the season. We were all so excited to see the white stuff coming down on Tuesday night; the girls because they knew they’d get to wear those new snow boots and play in it and Mike and I because we were experiencing our first winter wonderland in our new home. Seeing those giant blowing flakes against that wide clear night sky was pretty cool. I love the way the snow lines the trees leaving them all glistening in the moonlight. It was pretty much beautiful.

The next morning, we bundled up especially well for the two minute ride to school. With Logan in her leopard accessories, Riley in her hot pink boots with flashing lights and both of them in their “puffy coats”, we set out. I can’t tell you how much I love those puffy coats! I see them both standing in line as I wait to pick them up from school each day in those coats. All toasty and warm with their hats and scarves peeking from beneath their hoods, their mittens a bit too big and hanging off their little hands. They both have these rosy red cheeks and bright blue excited eyes, making the package of their cuteness complete. It brings a fast true smile to my face every single day.

I guess I like them so much because, when wrapped up in those ridiculous get ups, my kids are just little kids; it’s undeniable. They can’t do the latest “shake-your-booty” move or talk about Hannah Montana or the fact that I won’t buy them Bratz dolls. They aren’t annoyed with each other or fighting, picking up Finn or trying to be older than they are. They just are these tiny little people, all bundled up, so stuffed into their puffy coats and waiting for their mommy. I love looking at and enjoying them from afar and relishing the last few moments of watching them before our afternoon craziness begins. Yes, I love those coats and the kids inside.

I have a puffy coat. Although it keeps me incredibly warm, it fails to bring me the same joy – I mostly just wonder how much like a giant marshmallow I actually look. Guess I opt for functionality over fashion most days!

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