Friday, December 14, 2007

Little Artists

For someone who loves to paint, I hate to let my kids do it. This is crazy, I know, but it’s just such a mess and I can’t handle it. The thought of pastel colors all over my floors and little finger prints on tables, walls and countertops, makes me cringe. Sadly, I think I only pull out the water colors a few times a year and maybe the real stuff only once. Could I be more of a scrooge? Yesterday was the day that I decided to soften and really pulled out the stops. I grabbed my huge container of like, one hundred different acrylic paints and all the supplies and gave Logan and Riley each their own canvas. Although I had a few momentary breakdowns as paint slid between the floorboards, we all survived, the girls had a great time and we have some killer artwork to boot!

The whole time we painted, Logan repeated, “I just want to know why we have not done this before!” Riley was in her own world of free style painting, creating a very cool, autumnal-colored abstract that I would love to hang up in the house. Logan meticulously painted a beautiful summer scene, so grown up and reminiscent of something that I would have done at her age. I love it and want it, but she plans to give it away.

It was a great afternoon and although it was a lot of running around, catching drips, wiping hands and brush washing, it was totally worth it. (Maybe next time I won’t make a batch of Christmas cookies and begin my own painting for a friend’s new baby girl at the same time!) The best part is that the girls got the chance to have fun creating something totally unique that they are insanely proud of – they were bursting at the seams to show daddy after work. At this moment, I vow to loosen up and let their creative juices flow more often!

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