Monday, December 17, 2007

HO HO HO (or is it HA HA HA?)

It was supposed to be a perfect weekend of holiday bliss, kicked off with a trek to the tree farm to cut down our tree and ending with us all basking in the glory of its perfect beauty after our annual trip to Santa’s house. Of course, life got in the way and actually made for a very typical weekend of a house full of young kids, sugared up and anxiously anticipating the arrival of the big man himself. To top it off, our yearly onslaught of houseguests begins on Tuesday and ends January 4th, only to be followed by what seems to be a month long celebration of three out of our five birthdays that same month. Yes, it couldn’t be a busier time of year, but that’s just the way it is and we love it!

Mike and I actually got out on Friday night to celebrate a wonderful friend’s reception of his Master’s degree – Michael Strode, we’re so proud of you! It was great and a nice departure from our regular Friday night. On Saturday, we were up early and out the door (in a hurried rush even though I woke with plenty of time) and slightly late to the tree lot. The girls were fired up and bickering within minutes and I was frustrated by the fifteen extra trips I had to make into the house for forgotten items. Mike joked, “Ah yes, the holidays, what could be better?” He was right. We all lightened up and turned up the carols.

We wandered for too long in the frigid temps, but ended up with a monster of a tree and a little boy who was shocked that we had kept him and his tiny appendages freezing for so long. Finn cried the whole way back to the car as I yelled, “Just take that one!” and then told the girls to “Go watch daddy cut the tree down.” It was a far cry from my imagination of the event; all of us standing in a cheerful circle around daddy and the tree and merrily yelling “Timber!” We barely squeaked out a family picture before the tree guys shook and bailed it and we were off.

It snowed, or iced, the whole way home and the tree was covered. We enjoyed a fun lunch with good friends and after hours of waiting for our tree to thaw we started to decorate just in time for Finn to wake up. This was a challenge, but made easier by the fact that he just loved it even though his curious fingers could not stay away. The girls did an amazing job decorating this year; I think I only rearranged one ornament to save a weak branch. It’s a gorgeous tree; a little top heavy with ornaments to keep the toddler away, but gorgeous just the same.

Sunday started great for me with a breakfast out with friends. I met Mike and the kids at Santa’s house and the wait wasn’t too long. As we waited at the door, next to go in, Finn poked his finger in my already assaulted camera and damaged it beyond repair. Nothing like adding that expense this week – but I certainly don’t see anyway around it! Logan and Riley decided at the last minute to ask for American Girl dolls – of course Santa completed shopping at least a month ago, so some last minute purchases were made after arriving home. To boot, Logan asked Santa for one of his reindeer’s bells and he said “No”, can you believe it? He told her that he was asked so often for bells that the presents weren’t getting built and that he just couldn’t do it and did she understand. We felt terrible for her, but I actually think she did understand. I can assure you that Santa has in his possession one last bell to leave for Logan.

To my relief, I managed to sneak away in the afternoon to grocery shop alone, what could be better? Well, five minutes into the store, the fire alarm went off and continued to blare at unimaginable and inhumane levels my entire trip. It was so loud it actually made you nauseous and there were screaming, scared kids everywhere. They announced that there was a short in the system and to keep shopping. Ah, to shop alone…..

All in all, it was really a great weekend. We did all that important stuff and were lucky enough to even have our moms join us for the Santa visit. We got some alone time, some one-on-one time, we love our tree and our kids are happy. All this other stuff is, well…. funny! We ended our day picking up Grammy and GiGi and taking them to see the most amazing house with Christmas lights set to music. It was the perfect Christmas weekend.

Now I’m off to buy a camera….

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Mary said...

Loved, loved, loved this entry - laughing and envisioning the whole weekend. The tree cutting photo is great - with Finn looking a little distracted (backing up your tale in paragraph 3.)